Sedusa Users = need dryer recs!

OK people...I just got my lovely lovely Sedusa attachment in the post. Unfortunately, it does not fit on my Tresemme dryer

My flatmate is away this weekend, so I quickly pinched her cheapy dryer to test it and OMG, my hair is so nice today.

I'm really thinking it's worth buying a new (cheap) dryer that it will fit on to. I can't keep pinching my flatmate's, since we're generally getting ready at the same time....and so I need some recs.

Hers was unbranded, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get the same.

SOOOOO, to all those Sedusa users out there, could you tell me what dryer you use it with, so I can pick one up on ebay?
Twistedcoil - have you used other diffusers and how does the Sedusa compare? I look at it everytime i go to curlmart but the price scares me away, but hey if it is really different maybe i should give it a try, (darn pj in me coming out) please tell all! TIA
3A; I have HG products!
Curl enhancer: Mop-C curl cream
DT: Deva Heaven in Hair; JC WDT
Gel: B&A; Arc Angel
Conditioner: Deva OneC; JC too shea
Frizz fighters: CK, JCS C&S
PW: curlynow
Well, I've only used it once....but here goes!

I think it has pros and cons:

- much more convenient, you just put the bowl on your head and turn the dryer on. None of the sectioning that's required normally.
- much easier to dry hair 'right way up', which is better for me: you can read while doing it; and upside down tends to give me crazy curls!
- quick: it took 12 mins to dry the lot.
- my curls came out very very soft: not sure if this is coincidence!

- my curls seem a little looser/softer. This may be product related though!
- cost
- might not fit on your dryer!! lol

I'm in the UK, and got mine from ebay. It was about half the normal price. Maybe you could do similar?

I think, if diffusing is something you do quite a bit, with reasonably good results, then the sedusa might be good for you.


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