Curly hair tangles less than straight hair?

I was just googling stuff and I found this article:,2933,296713,00.html
Stange, huh? I still think that curly hair is harder to detangle though, because it often seems thicker.

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I read that story, too, but it sure doesn't apply to my curly hair! My strands just love to wrap around each other. I am not sure that the experiment was carried out scientifically, either; it doesn't sound like they took into account a lot of variables, e.g., products being used, length, condition, styling practices, etc. Also the scientist got the hairdressers to count the tangles, who knows if they were using a scientifically acceptable method to do this?

One thing I did notice about tangles is that curly hair tends to be less tangled when wet than straight hair. Once, when my friend had a baby I was taking care of her girls and I made the mistake of trying to detangle their stick-straight hair when it was wet. It was a very long and painful story for both of them. In contrast, water helps to detangle my hair, it's as it dries that it wants to tangle around itself.

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