Anyone have any recommendations for oils?

my hair is
- very dry, brittle
- really sensitive to protein
- color treated

coconut oil? olive oil? any suggestions for oils?
Thanks in advance
Check out this website for information of oils.. HTH
I've had great results from coconut oil. My hair loves it; after just a few days it made a huge difference. You can use it as a DT, applying generously to your dry hair, wrapping up for a few hours (or sleeping with it in). You can use it as a leave-in CO or mixed with your leave in. You can use it as a smoother/shine product on your dry hair. You can use it to revive curls later in the day or for second day hair, just smooth over/scrunch in. It's great stuff and it's so inexpensive, and it smells nice, too.
I also like to use jojoba for scalp massage with tea tree oil & peppermint oil, and it can be used as a leave-in or shine/de-frizz, too. But coconut oil (and a few others like avocado and olive) actually penetrate and strengthen your hair, which most oils can't do.
Oils have been the best thing for my hair -- it is so much softer and shinier now, and I don't get anything like the frizz I've always had anymore. I can even add products to dry hair now without getting horrible frizz! This is only since I started doing oil-rich DTs and using coconut oil and Ojon on my hair.
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I've been using Jessicurl's Oil Blend (avocado, jojoba & coconut oil) overnight when I know I'm going to be using shampoo the next day. My hair is so soft & shiny the next morning. I've also started using jojoba oil for smoothing down flyaways or frizzies or when I'm lucky enough to have 2nd day hair, it works great for smoothing and adding shine. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I use jojoba similar to how msgiblet does. I use it on my ends mostly and occasionally smooth it on my canopy for shine. But use it sparingly its easy to go overboard.
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I would say avoid olive oil. A lot of people's hair (including mine) doesn't respond well to it because of its acidity. I only used it once and it ate up my hair - made it all frazzily. I did ok with jojoba oil, though it was a little too oily for my hair and I found that actual leave-in cream conditioners gave me better results than oils. A lot of people here seem to like coconut oil though if you want to try oils. Also, monoi is supposed to be a good hair oil, but is rather hard to find. somone from a long hair website (that is now defunct but was a great site) gave me this link: I'm no longer interested in oils (gave up after my jojoba experience), but I'm tempted to order the vanilla perfume!
I've been wanting to try some coconut oil but where do I buy some???
I bought mine at the local super market in the "Mexican food" section.
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I found coconut oil in a huge tub for $4 at Wal-Mart. It is in the baking aisle near the other oils.
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I like coconut oil for the occasional DT. But, it does help retain protein in the hair; so sometimes it makes my hair feel protein-y.

For daily use, I like peach kernel oil. I recently added it into my routine and have been liking it. It seems to help a little bit with clumping too.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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I use & love jojoba oil. It's the only one that wasn't too heavy for my hair.

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