Spinoff: Bangs

I didn't want to full-on guano Lazy Loops' thread so...

I'm getting my hair cut tonight and was thinking about having her give me some long bangs (sideswept.) My hair is currently just shy of BSL, 3a, with long layers and just a little thinned at the bottom to reduce the bulk. (My hair is very, VERY thick.)

The last time I had bangs, my hair was about 4-5 inches shorter anyway so it all kind of blended together.

The reason I'm considering bangs is because I feel like the thickness/weight of may hair makes it just kind of hang like curtains on the side of my face. And if I ever straighten it, it ends up just kind of getting tucked behind my ears and looking somewhat Marsha Brady. I just think I (& everyone in general) look better with shorter pieces to frame everything.

But would that look wierd with my hair length? Would it just look like extreme side-shelving?? (And end up being a total nightmare to grow out for God only knows how long??)

So, curlies who have bangs or have had them-- especially with longer hair, I'd love to hear what you think. ...and I will definitely discuss it with my stylist. But I always want to hear what fellow curlies think first.
Mid-back length 3a, red.
Currently using: Joico, Redken, LA Looks Curl Look gel, BRHG.
I got side swept bangs last fall, loved them and hated them. I love the framing of my face, I hate that I can't keep them out of my way when running. I'm flirting with gettin them again.

What did you decide, did you get bangs?
Not exactly.

(God, I love my stylist.)
I walked in and sat down and she almost immediately said, "Oh, you're getting a shelf in the front."

I told her what I was thinking of doing and asked her if she thought I would regret it. She basically said, "Yeah, most likely." She ended up just blending the area that had started forming a shelf back into the rest of my hair (thus eliminating the shelf) but it didn't really create bangs. It's layered more in the front which frames my face more but when I pull it back into a ponytale (which I have to do for work) it all stays back.

Then she just trimmed about 1/2" off of the rest and shaped up my layers. My hair doesn't really look that different but the way it behaves is totally different. Sometimes it amazes me how the tiniest differences in the way curly hair is cut changes the way it looks.
Mid-back length 3a, red.
Currently using: Joico, Redken, LA Looks Curl Look gel, BRHG.
Mine, too. My curls love a tiny trim.. Glad it worked out.

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