tips for washing a styling hair at night so that it looks...

decent in the morning? thanks!
Did you consider overnight plopping?
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I'm so curoius about this too!

I don't own a blowdryer. I hate it, it's boring, and it generally leaves my naturally dry hair in pretty awful condition. BUT, my hair takes like 5 hours to dry naturally. So I've washed at night for years and just drape my wet hair over my satin pillow. But my hair always looks messy in the morning. The bottom layer is straight and frizzy, and the rest is . . . not great.

I'm so tired of my curling iron!!!

I think I'll try plopping again, but I'm not very curly and have found in the past that this gives weird waves.
This week, I tried plopping overnight for the first time. I have wavy hair and really thought I'd wake up with some crazy hair. But, it looked pretty good - a bit wild but then my hair usually looks wild. The second night I did it, when I woke up and finger combed my hair a little, it almost looked like I had hot rolled my hair (in large rollers).

I don't think this is something I want to do regularly though. I just really don't like sleeping in wet hair. When I woke up the towel was still wet.

I like the plopping demo video on - but she calls in plunking, I think.

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