silk amino acids = frizz??

Hello ladies,
I have been having a frustrating frizz problem lately. I have been using the chs silk leave in which started out leaving my hair really soft but i am wondering if it is causing my frizz? Could silk amino acids lead to frizz or am i totally off. TIA
3A; I have HG products!
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Conditioner: Deva OneC; JC too shea
Frizz fighters: CK, JCS C&S
PW: curlynow
Amino acids are proteins. They can make your hair dry if your protein/moisture balance is off or if you are protein sensitive.

And since dry hair means frizzy hair (usually), you may need to eliminiate this protein and any others for a while.
Yep, you could be protein sensitive...frizz will be especially noticeable if you don't shampoo regularly to get rid of the protein build up.
Yeah, it sounds like a protein issue. Anytime I use anything with protein in it, if it doesn't make my hair feel like straw, I get LOTS of frizz. Even with the Jessicurl stuff that has very little protein in it. My hair hates proteins in every sense of the word.
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