Front pieces of hair

I have 3B corkscrew hair that I tries forever to let grow. It is now above shoulders length because I regularly trim it. If I don't, I end up being obliged to cut a lot of inches after 10 months without trimming cause the ends are broken and very fine.

My hair is quite fine and flat at the top and roots. I would like to find a nice way to wear my hair down and just attaches little pieces of hair in the front to avoid it to lay flat on my face.
Would someone have some tips for me? I end up putting clips that “don’t look natural” or half ponytail that I like but I am tired of it for my everyday life.
So if some of you have suggestions I would be happy.
Corkscrew 3B
Hmm, have you tried plopping or clips? I'm a fine-haired curly too, and up until now, I swore that neither of these methods added any extra volume or curl to my roots. However, I find that as long as I rake my fingers through my hair to separate the curls while they're still very wet, plopping and clips work really well. Diffusing upside down also adds extra height to my hair. Seriously, though, I always thought raking my fingers through my wet hair would ruin my curls, but it really helps them separate and curl up to the roots.
I tried plopping but it's a disaster for me. Clips and diffusing upside down works better but it does not help for those front pieces of hair. I would like to part in the middle and put some pieces behind my ears but it does not stay in place or I take too big pieces and it makes my hair totally flat on the roots.
Here are some pictures of dream hair for me. The nature of my hair looks like hers:
Corkscrew 3B

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