guy who wants John Mayer's hairstyle

I want my hair to look like john mayer's new hair but can't figure out how to style it like his.
I basically have the same cut and same hair so why can't I get the same style?!
thanks a lot
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I've tried pomade and gel... it's really that I don't know how to style it like that
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Wash it, part it to the side (completely, meaning you completely comb it over on either the right or the left side of the crown, I think he did it from the right) then when it dries get some gel and lift your hair up in the front and back, you might have to hold it for a while
thanks... i'll give that a try.
Are there any specific gels that hold all day and don't look dry?
This is where I was thinking pomade would help for the shine.
My boyfriend uses like a styling putty and it get's a texture kind of like that. The putty has kind of a creamy, waxy texture so you can put it where you want it without it looking "fixed" and shiny the way gel gets with shorter hair.
Mid-back length 3a, red.
Currently using: Joico, Redken, LA Looks Curl Look gel, BRHG.
I think by letting my hair dry normally and then applying pomade and gel I can get the look pretty well and it looks good on 2nd day too!

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