Wedding Hairstyle?!?!

Hey guys,

I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding next month & was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to do my hair! Mine is a little below my shoulders & I was thinkin about maybe a half up/half down look? I have no idea how I am going to do it but probably with some bobby pins to hold it up & set it with some rollers in the front to have more defined curls....

If anyone can give me pictures/websites/suggestions I would appreciate it! I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Thanksss <3
<3 Steph (2B/3A)
i was in my sister's wedding as a bridesmaid this summer, here is what i did: (the only pics i have of are my hair from the front, which wouldn't help, sorry!)

i pinned the front of my hair straight back to get some height on top, then used a LOT of bobby pins to create a loose french twist starting at the back of the crown of my head. what you do is first pin one side of hair sideways with the pins verticle going all the way down the back of your head, so it looks like you have 1/2 a ponytail from the front. then take the other side and fold the hair in over the top of the pins already there and use lots and lots of bobby pins, doing that all they way down. and then, with the hair left over i put a pretty clip thing in at the nape of my neck letting the rest of my hair hang in kind of a low, loose ponytail but it looked really good, IMO!

sorry if that was incredibly hard to understand, i tried

HTH and if it doesn't i hope you find a good hairstyle!!

ETA: i added 2 pics to my fotki, but they don't really help, but there are some other hairstyles in the pics that might help...
curl blog
curl album

"Your head is like a crown on you.
It is as beautiful as Mount Carmel.
Your hair is as smooth as purple silk.
I am captured by your flowing curls."
Song of Solomon 7:5 (NIRV)

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