Could honey be drying out my hair?

Does it contain protein? I think my hair is now protein sensitive. I thought I had stopped using protein, but didn't think of the honey. Is this my problem?

Honey makes my hair dry, frizzy, and tangled; I posted about this on the recipes board not too long ago. Someone replied that raw unprocessed honey does contain trace amounts of protein, but I'm sure that's not my problem as I was using cheapo processed honey, and I also have no problems with proteins. So whether or not your honey contains proteins, honey may indeed be the problem.
Wow! Thanks for the info. My honey is also cheap, so I guess it doesn't contain protein. I am going to lay off it though and see what happens.

Thanks again,
i'm glad i'm not the only one that doesn't like honey. just the tiniest bit of honey makes my hair really crunchy, so i stopped using it.
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