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I was curious about something I heard and knew this was the place to ask.

A stylist friend told me that Wella color is superior to all other brands because they've been around longer than anyone else and have done the research that has resulted in better acting/feeling hair after coloring to cover gray.

Has anyone tried Wella color? I've tried Aveda several times, and my results were inconsistant (sometimes gentler, sometimes harsher). Other gentler brands that cover stubborn grays?
I used it along time ago so I don't really have any input for you. I don't recall anything particularly negative or positive, but I just wanted to share what my colorist told me. I told her that I cover the greys thoroughly but after two weeks it's as if the color just washes right off. She told me that's because none of the stuff that's available retail really is permanent. I use L'oreal, from the beauty supply store, not the kits from the drugstore. Aside from the grey coverage not lasting, I'm happy with it. Doesn't feel harsh at all. My colorist advised me not to use L'oreal because it can be drying. She recommended Clairol. There's also some drops that you can buy to add to your color concoction. Have you seen those? Ask your beauty supply store clerk about it. You add something like 15-20 drops for extra grey coverage. I'll have to try it again next time I dye to see how it works.
From a stylist's perspective: I'm Wella color-certified and I do like it very much. It certainly has been around a very long time and is a very good color product (their Koleston line is my favorite as it is the most heavily pigmented and I find the colors richer). However, I don't know that I'd go so far as to say they are the best. There are many wonderful professional color lines out there ... I also use Goldwell and Scruples, and I love them too.

Personally, I think a great deal of your results with color is all about how well your stylist can use a particular color line and how good of a colorist they are, not so much about the product itself. If you trust your stylist and he/she uses Wella, then you're in good hands
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Grey Magic-Sally's are the drops mentioned above. I've tried them and they didn't make a difference for me.
My previous stylist used Wella. In fact, it was a Wella salon.

The high & low lights she gave me always lasted quite some time.

For instance, one time she gave me high & low lights in one sitting & they were still looking good two or more seasons later. The next time I got high lights in the spring that lasted into fall or winter.

One fall she gave me what I thought was going to be low lights & it ended up looking like an all-over dye job. It took me many washings with clarifying shampoos to lighten it so it wasn't so dark all over & the low light chunks would show. They lasted into spring, maybe even part of the summer.

The colors covered my "grays" well.
Grey Magic-Sally's are the drops mentioned above. I've tried them and they didn't make a difference for me.
Originally Posted by Wiggilyhair
Which color brand are you adding the magic drops to? I can't remember if you are a RC-er or use another brand.

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