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Alright so it has been raining all day and I am yet to find a product that works in normal weather, let alone rain. So in my frustrations, today in the shower I used more conditioner than I ever have, almost a handful and didn't wash it out. I then topped it off with some garnier fructis curl and shine leave in. I was very upset and crazy as it sounds I was almost daring my hair to misbehave by smothering it with so much conditioning stuff. I then walked to class in the pouring rain and haven't looked in a mirror till a minute ago....and my hair has not looked this good in a LONG time! and this is after walking through the pouring rain. So it may not be a daily basis kind of thing but perhaps hope that the right answer could be right in front of us!
Sorry for the long post, just had to share!

I don't know how to post photos but i put two from today in my fotki. My hair in no way looks perfect, but for me this is a good hair day.[/img]
I agree - your hair looks great! I'm curious why you say that wouldn't be a daily basis kind of thing? I'm definitely not the expert, but it sounds like your hair is loving the extra conditioner. Perhaps it's dry and needs the extra moisturizing(?)
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I love your hair!!
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your curls look fabulous! Keep doing what you're doing.
Your curls and smile are beautiful!
Variation of 3B/3C curls.

Amazed that I finally found a method that works for my hair! Diffuse until 60-70% dry, then let air dry for about an hour. Scrunch and leave it alone!

Thank you all! It's nice to get curl compliments from people with far more beautiful curls than I!

Linda, the only reason I said it wouldn't be a daily thing is becasue on my college budget I don't think I can afford to go through conditioner like that! haha all my product junkie habits have caused me enough days of ramen noodles.

Perhaps someone could suggest a good value, low price conditioner?...
You're so beautiful and your curls look great! so shiny....

L'Oreal nutri gloss conditioner for medium to long hair that's curly/wavy is about $5 for 13 oz. It's CG and it has palm oil and a little jojoba oil. As for proteins, it has conchiolin protein, but it's the second to last ingredient on the list way, way past preservatives, so I doubt it could affect your hair for good or bad.


The ingredients listed here are the same on my bottle.

ETA: Wait, you walked through the rain with no umbrella???? B/c if you did I could see the acidity helping your hair. The natural pH of rain is like 5.5 with true acid rain's pH being even lower.... and aren't we always talking about lemon and acv rinses being so good for our curls.....

OK, I'm adding "walk in the rain" to my morning routine.....
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Loving BB Gelee right now
my hair likes: protein, light gels/sprays
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Your hair looks great!
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today in the shower I used more conditioner than I ever have, almost a handful and didn't wash it out. I then topped it off with some garnier fructis curl and shine leave in. I.[/img]
Originally Posted by loveitnatural
Other than GF what other products do you use ?

YOUR HAIR IS GREAT !!!! maybe it was the over use that helped - I think sometimes us curlies fear not weighing down our hair and dont condition enough so in your "moment of crazy" of putting lots of conditioner was maybe the very thing your hair needed.

Alas, I too I am trying to give up my PRODUCT JUNKIE ways - well I am now forced to !!
Hyper Sensitive to many things !!!
2017 Routine: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Cond as co-wash; 365 Fragrance Free Shampoo; Aloe Vera Juice , Water and Apricot Seed Oil as leave in. When all else fails, I run back to KCKT and KCCC Shampoo weekly - co-wash every 2/3/4 days - just depends

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