weird flakey problem

It's getting cooler out again, and I'm starting to have a weird flakey problem again. In certain places around my scalp I have very small white flecks in my hair. A few people who I've showed it to have said that it doesn't look like dandruff, which is usually larger flakes, and this is tiny flecks. I get a lot less in the summer, so I thought it was mainly dryness. But its SO UPSETTING. There's sort of a lot of them and they're mostly in one spot. Near the front of my hair line on the opposite side from my part.

Any thoughts? help?
What products are you using? Does it itch?

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b
It's generally not itchy, unless I haven't showered in a little while .
I use such a variety of products. Lately its either Jessicurl HCC or Regis Curl Lock shampoo, Regis Olive oil condish or the CO Bigelow. Then Aloeba as a leave in and Oidad or HE gel. The only ones that really touch my scalp are the cleansers.

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