Dry straw-like hair - cones or protein sensitive?

Ok, whenever I go back to doing CG, my products will work like a charm for a while & then my hair will start to get dry & straw like.

I mostly use Deva products & so I assumed that I was one of the few that was sensitive to the a-cone.

However, I also use re:coil, and I believe it has proteins in it.

So, how do you tell if your build up is from using cones or protein?

My current line up is:
Deva nopoo or low poo several times a week
Devacurl condish & put some in as a leave in
BRHG (little bit)

My hair was getting drier and drier, and today I finally used a clarifying shampoo - much better results, but if i use it too often, then my hair dries out.

Any help is appreciated - thanks!
I feel for ya. I'm going through the same thing - trying to determine if I'm protein sensitive (started CG nine days ago). Maybe try to isolate the culprit by process of elimination? Use protein free products to see if you're still having the same results, if that's not it, try cutting cut out the a-cone.

It might just be, too, that you need to clarify. Lots of women do the modified CG rutine. If you're hair isn't colored, perhaps you could try a lemon / condish rinse instead of a clarifying poo next time. I mix 2 tsp lemon juice with nickel size puddle of condish, rinse then apply a little more condish to the ends. Works well. HTH.
If you hair started out looking great but then after using the same products for a while your hair doesn't look as good anymore & not only looks dry, but feels dry and like straw, that's probably a protein sensivity. If it looks frizzy and dry, but still feels very soft, that could be a sign of being overconditioned.

I can't use the DevaCurl One C on a regular basis or I'm looking dry and frizzy after as little as 2 or 3 uses -- it's just too rich for me. I also can't use anything with magnesium sulfate (re:coil) or the same thing happens -- I HAVE to rotate these products. You might just want to try using one product at a time and see how it does in order to eliminate the culprit and also try rotating different products.
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See I never thought I was protein sensitive, but my ends have been breaking and getting dry like straw, so I'm trying a no-protein method for awhile. I don't know if it's all in my head, but this is the first day I've done it and my hair seems different already!

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