My hair is currently bra strap length!!! I'm soo happy.

But, I've been having such an oily scalp lately it's ridiculous. I have to wash my hair EVERY day. If I don't it will just be an oil slick, I don't know whats up with that. Maybe it's because I'm a teenager...but come on!

But, since my hair is currently ALOT longer; I'm pretty happy about that. (Sorry, had to ramble)
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congrats! I am letting my hair grow and it has taken forever to get below my shoulders, probably 2 more years til bsl....if i make it that long without chopping it all off. Sorry can't help with the oily problem but you said your are a teenager and a lot changes with hormones..... Still congrats again on the great hair
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YAY!! Congratulations!! I'm trying to get mine to BSL, too -- that's where I want it when it's curly so that will take even longer. Like rejoicingcurlygirl, I've made it to below the shoulders and am trying to keep going, but on bad hair days, I am ready to whack it right off! - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I can't wait to reach BSL! Right now my hair is just 2 inches past my collar bone, and I am getting so impatient! It's a good thing my hair grows pretty fast. I'm also growing out old color/highlights, so I have long, virgin hair to look forward to in the future

My roots get really oily too. I usually just make sure I shampoo every other day to take care of that. The annoying thing is that my ends are really dry, so I have weird unbalanced hair lol.
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