In need of some color opinions...please?

Hey girls. I haven't been over here to the hair board for a while, but I am in need of a hair color change! I never know what to do with color and am looking for some advice. I have dark brown hair and fair skin with dark features, so I can't do anything too light. I want to do some kind of highlights or low lights, or whatever, but not necessarily all-over color. I'm also wanting something a little funky b/c i've had basic highlights and they never show up as much as I'd like. Here a couple pics to hopefully give an idea of what I have to work with...please ignore the fact that they are both very bad pictures!

Thanks girls!

I love your base color!! Wow so pretty! I think some chunky golden high lights would look good (but not too light and not too many).

Have fun!
Ur hair looks exactly like the color of mine and I have the hardest time when I need a change. Last time I colored I just had my stylist put in lighter brown highlights. But I get bored fast, so I ended up dying my hair back to it's original color because I hate the grow out.
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Originally Posted by JuicyTube
ugh, that was what I tried when I messed up my hair.

I used this

And even before I applied the highlights my hair was bright red. I'm not sure if it was mispackaged or what, but it was a disaster.
If they actually came out like the picture cympreni posted, they'd be beautiful! Too bad it didnt work for you. That sucks.

I've done similar highlights myself, but they were a little more of an auburn than cherry. Pics are in my Highlight album.

I think some chunky highlights would be nice, but your hair is beautiful the way it is, so dark and pretty. Remember that highlights require upkeep. That's why I do them rarely now.

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My recommendation from years and years of coloring: don't do it. unless you are 100% certain, without a doubt, that you will be happier. It's a vicious cycle. I know it seems like people are just saying this, but really, I regret the first day so very long ago when I colored my hair in high school. Of course, there are lucky ones who are happy with their respective results, but just be careful. And ALWAYS go to a professional-- doing it yourself sets you up for disaster. Trust me.
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