Do you ever feel like your hair is a curse?

Ughh. I really want to love my wavy/curly hair but I always go back to hating it.
I had a few good hair days but then it just goes right back to being frizzy and poofy. I get so tired of giving my hair the special treatment- no touching while wet etc... I got sick of it a while back and thought it would be better if it was short so I chopped it off. Now its frizzy, poofy and short and looks so stupid.
I wish there was some miracle drug to make it grow overnight!
Anyway, I know all of you all seem to love your curls but I just have to vent about mine and thought maybe someone on here would understand.
I haven't used or thought the word curse but I have disliked my hair at times, especially when the frustration of dealing with it has become unbearably tiresome (usually when I am stressed about the many other things going on in my life).
I totally understand what you are saying. Lately my hair has been frizzy no matter what i do. It can be very frustrating!

I have come to two conclusions, hope this helps.....
1. I should focus on getting my hair in good condition instead of focusing on getting the perfect size shape etc curls

2. I am too critical of my own hair. I was wahtcing sex in the city yesterday and guess what? Sarah JP had some hairs sticking out from her waves. then i started looking around (i was in the waiting room getting my oil changed) and guess what? none of the ladies in the waiting room had perfect hair. Even the model on the first page of has some hairs sticking out (halo frizz maybe?) and you know she probably had some "expert" doing her hair. Or look at b&a, i love their hair because it is a little crazy.
..... anyway i'm trying to cut myself a break.
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I hear ya. When people say they're having a bad hair day, I say I'm having a bad hair life.

Sometimes when people say wavy hair is the best of both, I feel like it's the worst of both.

Seriously, I agree with rejoicingcurlygirl. I'm trying to focus on getting my hair healthy and easy to style. So what if I don't have beautiful spirals. If my hair is healthy and doesn't steal a lot of time out of my day to fix, that's my real goal. And I am becoming content with my hair in its natural state and happy that it's at least more interesting than stick-straight hair.

I'm starting to look at learning how to take care of it as an adventure and a fun experiment rather than a curse.

HTH - you're not alone!
Mostly 2A; Fine and wavy
I never feel like it's a curse, but I wasn't always happy with it. I agree with the others that we all need to realize that no one's hair is always perfect, that we need to accept a little frizz or a wayward crazy curl (or 5) out of place, and be happy with our hair (and ourselves).

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