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This is my rant for a lot of specialty stores. They are either hover, or you can't find one, overly opinionated or don't know a damn thing. it almost defeats the purpose of even going there. Oh and as far as the hoverers, I really hate it when they do a bad job of it, like pretend to be stocking but staring at you the entire time. I used to get them a lot when I used to wear baggy clothes when I was younger, especially at Wallmart. Freaking watch me for shoplifting or don't, but doing such a bad job of pretending you don't is just annoying. I got so mad one time at wallmart, I confronted her, and it ended up being the store manager, and she very badly denied it, I had been in the store for over an hour and she was following me the entire time, "checking products". I gave her 1 oportunity to check me for shoplifting, telling her if she had security stop me upon leaving I would be calling a lawyer. And I was never bothered again there.

Incidently I did accidently steal a pen there once. The funny thing is, I was paying for other items, and I was holding the pen in my hand the entire time, even playing with it while talking to the cashier, neither I nor security even noticed that I didn't pay for it. I had to laugh about that, all the things that people do to try and shoplift, and I just walked out with it in my hand with no questions. BTW, I did go back and pay for the pen.
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I did this too accidentally with a pair of sunglasses on my head. I had about 10 other things in my hands and stuck the glasses on top of my head because I kept dropping them. When I got halfway home I noticed something in the rearview mirror. It was the big (BIG)white security tag sticking straight up, I don't know how anyone missed it. I still don't know how it didn't set the alarm off.
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The best Sally Beauty Supply I ever went to was in Puerto Rico. The saleslady was very knowledgeable and nice. Granted, my Spanish isn't that great, but I had my abuela (grandma) translate for me! Apparently my hair is similar to the saleswoman's sister' she had a lot of tips and recommendations for me.

Now as for the Sally's here...I WISH one of them would follow me around the store. Then at least I would know where to find an employee. I can never seem to find ANYONE but the girl at the register. Do they all hide in the stockroom?

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I thought only the Sally's near me was like that. I don't usually ask for their help unless I am looking for something specific. One thing that irritates me (at this particular store) is that if you buy a certain type of product they ask you what you're going to use it for. Every other one i've been to just rings it up and tells me to have a nice day. Wth?
Originally Posted by Christine914
So, do you tell them that you put the products in water balloons and then fire away at people from a 5 story building? Why is it any of their business?

My experience: I went to Sally's one time. The salesperson hovered until someone else walked into the store (note that the person was of a different race than me) and the salesperson proceeded to hover over her. A second salesperson also started to hover over this other lady.

Sniff... I felt lonely.
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I've noticed this un-subtle practice in a lot of BSS, too.
Originally Posted by jeamaria
What store is this?
Originally Posted by lazy loops
BSS=Beauty supply store

I find that a lot of the non-chain stores can be worse than some Sally's. The Sally's I mostly go to is entirely staffed by men who don't know a d@mn thing about haircare and don't bother pretending to .

At least they are not the hovering type at that store though-they stay firmly planted behind the cash desk.
I had a bad experience at Sally's lately too. After reading this thread, I decided to notify them. So I went to their website and sent them an e-mail detailing my experience along with a link to this thread on I'll post their reply if they send one.
I had a bad experience at Sally's lately too. After reading this thread, I decided to notify them. So I went to their website and sent them an e-mail detailing my experience along with a link to this thread on I'll post their reply if they send one.
Originally Posted by earcmra
That's a good idea!
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