Great Hairstylist in Woodlnad Hills & Beverly Hills

I have a great hairstylist at Luciano's in Woodland Hills. Her name is Barbara Tabor, and she is an expert in curly hair. She takes so much time with each client and really cares about each person's hair as if it were her own. Her hair cuts address each hair rather than the whole picture. I have learned to love my curls more since going to Barbara. On my last visit, she did a partial body waves to fill in the areas that were less curly. It is so natural because the new curls exactly match the existing ones. I am so pleased!!! I almost never write on a any discussion boards, but I felt that all of you with curly hair in this area should visit Barbara. (note: She also works in Beverly Hills)
Thank you for posting gaffin. I moved to the area over the summer and had the unfortunate experience of my first haircut here in August. I will NEVER step foot in that salon again. Barbara at Luciano's has some great reviews here. I think I'll be giving them a call soon. thanks again.

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