Sunsilk anti poof ?

I know it has the bad ingredient cyclopentasiloxane but if I wash with a non sulfate shampoo, will I still be ok ?? I used the anti poof conditioner and cream today and so far , so good, but i am afraid of this ingredient.

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Best combo so far:
SheaMosture Curl and shine milk , Ouidad heat and humidity gel
There are differing opinions on cyclopentasiloxane. I believe it leaves a trace behind because of how my hair behaves. Our CurlChemist shared an insight that it evaporates off of hair like a drying alcohol so it might be robbing hair of moisture (either in addition to building up, per my theory, or rather than building up). If the moisture-robbing is the cause of the frizz issues many have, sulfate poos would just make it worse.

However, in my personal experience (more experimenting than you would think since I've discovered my hair hates cyclopentasiloxane but occasionally a new product's claims will woo me into trying it anyway), repeated clarifying is the only thing that gets my hair back to normal, which is counterintuitive unless it's building up, hence my theory.

Okay, I'm babbling, but I just ingested a little too much caffeine. Bottom line...I'd suggest regular clarifying and DTs if you want to go down that path rather than daily sulfate pooing.

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