Will diffusing on a cool setting damage your hair?

I know they always say heat styling will damage your hair but will it be damaged by styling with a diffuser set on cool??
I've been diffusing my hair on an almost daily basis for the last year and 1/2 and I haven't noticed any significant damage. In fact, my hair is a lot healthier since I started coming to this site and began taking better care of my hair. I don't diffuse all that long - it still has to air dry for awhile when I'm done diffusing. While air drying would definitely be healthier for your hair, I think if you're not using super high heat and being gentle with your hair, you should be fine.
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My hair is in good shape and I diffuse daily as well and I actually use the high setting when I first start and then down to medium. I have read and heard that you will get your hair dryer faster so less damage (who knows??) - drying on cool drys the outside first according to what I have read.

In any event - my hair is pretty healthy and I do this daily.
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