someone said I need a new hairstyle - i'm so hurt

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Your co-workers need a new brain. The problem would be solved then.
I wouldn't even think of throwing in my opinion when it comes to very "sensitive topics" ,like appearence when I'm not being asked first. That is simply rude. The next day another co-worker will say: "Oh well, straight long hair doesn't really look good on you ,why don't you get a bob-cut?!"
MY answer would be "Get a life" I know I can be snappy.
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Well, my goodness! That was an insensitive thing to say! Some people have no filters, nothing to screen the thoughts in their head and keep them from becoming words out of their mouth.
Originally Posted by hmkenny
No filters!

Ya know, there's one (or more) in every office. Can't mind their own business (and they probably don't have enough work to do, either). Somebody stop me know because I'm about to go on a roll of obscenities about people with brains up their arses.

Don't change anything except that woman's face. Aren't you tired of looking at it for 6 years? Did I say that?
I'd ignore the second girl. However, for a quick painless change try switching up the part. The first girl may not have meant any harm. I can't help but think of my middle sister. She has worn the same off-center part for as long as a I can remember (I'm 2. She's actually balding at the part. Me and my older sister have been begging her to at least switch to parting her hair on the right but she won't go.

Anyway, do whatever you feel comfortable with.
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She could have used more tact in telling you but at the same time if people around you are thinking that your hair needs an update then her bluntness in telling you could be a blessing in disguise. One of those "someone should really tell her about her hairstyle" situations. I'd say her saying something to your face is better than talking about it behind your back.
Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions, you've made me feel better.
Maybe I'll try a headband or barettes or something easy like that, but straightening...I don't think so.
Thanks again, this site and its members are the BEST !!!!
Originally Posted by krispy
Good for you! I agree with the headband or barrettes, maybe try switching the part or wearing it in a ponytail every now and then.

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The fact that she could only manage to suggest straightening it as a styling option shows she doesn't have much sense of style herself. Or she is just a one dimensionally-minded curl hater.

Whatever her problem is, unless I *really* was thinking of changing things up before she opened her mouth, I'd make a point of wearing it exactly how it is now when at work.
Originally Posted by jeamaria
Very good point!
Originally Posted by Doodles
Ditto! (especially the bold)
My favorite response to a comment like that is an amused expression and a simple "Wow". Then walk away, or change the subject, if you can't escape.
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I'm sorry that they hurt your feelings! IMO, you should not let them dictate what looks good on you. Some people just feel the need to change things (hair, clothes, makeup etc.) once in a while due to trends, or due to them beiing bored with it. If you like your hair the way it is, and it looks good, don't change!

I have had pretty much the same style for YEARS, and I just don't like my hair any other style. Just like me dying it red...It's just how I see myself, and I think hair should fit your personality.

If you want to change it, feel free, but never change yourself for someone else. In the end, it'll just make you unhappy.
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You should say "Well you need a new face, I'm tired of looking at it". Or tell her she's been wearing the same perfume for 6 years and it's time for a change.
I would have looked her right in the face and calmly said, "What on earth would ever possess you to say something so rude?" And then watch her back-pedal and try to dig herself out of the hole she was in. Anyone that ignorant deserves to be called out and put on the spot.
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Ouch!! That's so rude! I don't understand where people get off saying things about other people like that. I, never in a million years, could bring myself to say something like that. If you want a change for you, then maybe try a headband or barrettes, but I wouldn't straighten or change it because of them. If you're happy with your hair, then that's all that matters.
Originally Posted by ECCurly
I completely agree! If YOU feel like a change, then sure, go for it. But don't mess with a good thing because of a rude comment. If you like the way your hair looks, then you should wear it the way you like!!
Originally Posted by curlyincollege
TOTALLY AGREE with these ladies! Only person who matters is YOU.
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