need ideas for 1950's hairstyle

For Halloween, I am dressing up as a "disgruntled" 1950's housewife. I'm going for more of the middle class, June Cleaver look (shirtdress, heels, pearls). For the disgruntled part, I'm going for a drunk in the middle of the day look--messed up makeup, slightly messed up hair, etc.

I'm struggling with how to style my hair. Fellow curlies know that there isn't a lot of room for error when styling, before one has to give up and go for the ponytail.

Does anyone have any ideas/pictures for 1950's hairstyles? I have 3B hair, about shoulder length. Straightening, curling irons, and backcombing aren't really options.

TIA for the help!
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Well, I know one style that would be easy to tamper with would be a tight tight bun. You can pull hairs out and screw around with it after it's gelled back for a really obvious "this looked nice at SOME point" look. (:
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The problem with 1950s hairstyling is that your hair went into pin curls whether it was straight or curly. I've had mine (3a) styled for such a thing and they had to flat iron it, then put it in big rollers. This link: might give you some ideas. You could also put it in a ponytail very low on the neck while it's wet, then let it dry all day. Blow dry if needed. It will probably have a strong wave where the elastic was, then fan out in waves below that (you may want to - gasp! - comb it while went too). A little pomade will be your friend.

I also recommend getting some hairpins and small curlers so you can practice wrapping side pieces up over the curlers, to hide them and give volume. 50s was all about permanent waves brushed out to look like very VERY coiffed "naturally curly" hair. So this might be a fun opportunity to brush out your hair and then halfheartedly put the front in a bouffant of some kind -- your natural curls will be sort of messed up, but not enough to ruin your life for the next week.

Hope this helps! If you Google "1950s hairstyles" you will get some ideas.
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