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I'm just wondering if someone out there can help me. My scalp has been really flaky lately as well as itchy. Normally its a bit flaky but lately it seems worse than usual (they are white and greasy....probably TMI I know) and the last couple of times after I've washed it, its been a rather itchy, like its dry but still has the same flakes. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of these white flakes.

Last night I got sick of it so I tried a brown sugar scrub and apple cidar vinegar rinse. That seemed to do the trick last night but the flakes were back this morning. For my normal routine I generally scrub my scalp with organic instinct conditioner and put australian organics conditioner on the ends. I do this about every 2 days and once a week I wash with Jessicurl gentle lather shampoo. I generally leave in some conditioner as well as put either a combination of jessicurl confident coil/AVEDA be curly curl control or confident coils/rockin ringlets (depending on what I feel like). I plop overnight so I don't have to diffuse (which I have stopped doing in the last month) because it makes the flakes ten times worse.

Sorry about the length of the post but I hope that someone can help because my scalp is driving me mad.

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From what you posted, my guess would be that either your scalp has buildup or it is dry. I have an oily scalp and had white residue and moist flakes when I conditioner washed or didn't use a gentle shampoo. Washing once with a clarifying shampoo helped. If your scalp is dry then I would internet search for dry scalp or dandruff. I know that there are nc members who suffer from dandruff and eczema who might have some good advice to give you.
BTW you have such shiny, beautiful hair!
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Your scalp could be dry from changes in the weather. Has the weather changed suddenly in your area? I notice that everytime the weather changes my skin and scalp become dry. If that is the case, maybe u should try massaging a little oil onto your scalp before you co-wash
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Thanks for the replies guys

I have recently moved inland where it is alot drier. However, I do seem to get these flakes where ever I live. Though it has been itchier lately. Thanks for the complement multicultcurly.

I will clarify my hair because its been a long time since it was washed with some strong shampoo and try the oil. I'm desperate enough to try anything to get rid of these flakes.

Finally a hair twin...I have been looking for one forever
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I get the same issues if I don't use pure coconut oil on the flaky spots. It is a very light oil and trust me a dab will do ya! I usually have them right around my hairline (The bangs area) which is really embarrassing and can be hard to hide. I am full CG so no cones. Oh it is getting much cooler so that always brings out my dry skin. But the oil in the right spots really seems to help me.
I've had a problem with this too, and it has been effectively solved by applying tea tree oil. I love this stuff. I love the tingle (makes me feel like its working!), and it usually clears it right up. FYI, I do not recommend applying it alone- I mix it with Jojoba or olive oil.
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