It seems lately well to me over the past 2 years that everytime you find something (products) that works it gets discontinued...OMG I cant keep up and I am so trying not to get back in my PJ ways - you know to try diff things just to make sure you never get caught without product to control your tresses <sigh> ggggrrrrrrrrrrr And now there are so many products that are NOT good for your hair. I have learned so much from being here - it scares me the things these companies are allowed to put out !!!

Thank goodness for this site - really !!!!
Hyper Sensitive to many things !!!
2017 Routine: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Cond as co-wash; 365 Fragrance Free Shampoo; Aloe Vera Juice , Water and Apricot Seed Oil as leave in. When all else fails, I run back to KCKT and KCCC Shampoo weekly - co-wash every 2/3/4 days - just depends