Salons on Long Island

I just moved back to New York after living in Boston for a few years and I have no idea where to go for a cut! Usually I just get the dead ends cut off with nothing fancy but now I am feeling adventurous and want to go all out. I searched and found a review for Salon Zeba in Huntington, but I can not find anything about the salon online. Is it still open? Would you still recommend it? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I live in Islip and work in Hicksville, so anything around those two areas would be wonderful. Thanks!
oh, and a place that follows the CG routine would be great!
Harvey Allen salon in Merrick and Bablyon have a certified deva cutter. You might want to check them out. I go to the merrick salon but I don't get the deva cut, doens't work for me.

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