baby powder?

When I used to straighten my hair, sometimes on the 2nd or 3rd day, my hair would still be in good shape, but just slightly greasy at the roots. So I would shower with my hair pinned up and then use baby powder in my hair to absorb the oil. I have dark espresso colored hair, and it doesn't even look a little white- if you have never done this, you would be shocked how well it works.

I have gone CG now, but still have days I would like to do this. This morning my 2nd day curls look great! but my roots a little not so great. Can I use baby powder without regretting it later? Does anyone know powder is CG
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I say if it works, do it. I've never had success with it myself.
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I'm another who has never had success with it.

Think British Parliament wigs.
Isn't baby powder basically cornstarch? There shouldn't be anything non-CG in it, I'd just worry about not getting all the powder out and looking like I have dandruff.
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Okay, thanks. I went ahead and did it this morning. I just had never paid attention to whether I needed shampoo afterward...

I just rub some between my hands so they are dusted, the hang my head upside-down, kind of insert my fingers right near the roots and gently swish my hands back and forth so it gets on my hair and scalp. It took me forever before i would try this because of my dark hair, but once i did, I have never had "white dandruff" problems. I think the important thing is to not put too much in any one place, so if you put it on your hands first, you can prevent that. Yeah...parliament wigs...not a good look
HCC + Kenra Condish + Biotera Gel and Leave In + diffusing = beautiful 3A spirals
I am also recently into the powder option....I have greasy hair and I am amazed at how it soaks up the oils and makes my hair look cleaner then when I actually wash it.

I have been using a spray powder but I also just order this

I ordered the chocalate powder, because I also have very dark hair.

I am hoping it will blend in better.
you may want to consider trying cornstarch instead. Baby powder has been linked to some health concerns (like cancer and respiratory problems) because of the talc in it.
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I'll use it in a pinch, like how you mentioned - sometimes the day after I straighten my hair, it gets a little stringy. I don't use it regularly, though. It makes the hair look dull, and I'm afraid of it getting into my contact lenses. More often than not, I'll just pull my hair back into a ponytail if it starts looking stringy. It's easier than messing with baby powder.

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