What are your favorite brand(s) of shampoo?

Other than Elucence (finding it to be drying), Jessicurl's poos (too runny for me and not enough lather), Cream of Nature (yucky smell) and Deva poos (can't remember what I didn't like about them) I'm trying to find a good, gentle poo that I can use daily.

My ideal shampoo would have very little or no protein, be moisturizing without weighing down my hair and have decent lather.

What are your favorite poos?
Before I went CG (sulphate-free) I really liked Aveda Brilliant poo. It's made for textured hair. I had been a long time Aveda fan, and it ended up being my favorite of their poos. Like I said.. that was before being CG... Nature's Gate Rainwater poo was probably my next favorite and less expensive alternative. Also contains sulphates.
You mentioned not liking Deva, but was it no-poo or low poo that you tried. Now that I'm CG/sulphate and cone-free I use no-poo and/or co-wash. which of course don't lather, and you said you want lather... have you tried low-poo? I only use low-poo after I've colored. It does seem to lather pretty well for me.. of course, that could just be relative to what I'm used to.. which is none..
I don't pay much attention to the presence or absence of proteins, so I can't comment on that aspect.
I use Activate Hydrating, Nexxus Therappe, or TBS Honey Shampoo
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Ditto on the Activate....it does have proteins, though. I'm not sure if proteins are a problem in shampoos because there are also cleansing agents. My hair is mildly protein sensitive, and Activate shampoo is fine with my hair.

Anybody know for sure about the protein/shampoo thing?
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I was going to say Elucence, but since you don't like that one I'd recommend L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture shampoo. It has one sulfate (sodium laureth) and is very gentle IMO. HTH!
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I'm using and loving the "Yes to Carrots" shampoo. It is available at Wal-greens. It isn't completly CG but it has worked well for my protein-sensitive hair.
Sexy Hair Concepts, Healthy Sexy Hair Chocolate Soy Milk Shampoo.
I've been using it for 2 months now, and I still completely love it.
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I just got TJ Nourish Spa 'poo. I really liked it. My hair felt so clean but I was able to run my fingers through it as if I'd used conditioner instead.
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