ALL my products have cones, paraben & alcohol!! Help.

I am newly and happily embracing my wavy, sometimes curly always coarse and thick/dry hair. Trying to educate myself on product and technique so that my hair feels softer, is healthy and looks shinier.
I have reviewed how to wash (no poo, etc.) and what ingredients to look for and which aren't so good...
Absolutely all of my product and there's alot of it.. expensive and not so expensive has cones, parabens and alcohol. I need to know if there is a post somewhere that lists product without these ingredients. It would be great if it was somewhat affordable as well. I am sooo tired of paying an arm and a leg for product that doesn't really work. That said, if it really did work well, I would buy it.

Any ideas?
Love the curls, just not the crunch and fuzz.
type: 2a/3b
Check out this website: and this one:

Also, I'm not wavy so I'm not the expert, but I think for wavies it is recommended to occasionally shampoo (sulfate- free).
Not all alcohols are bad - cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol are all good, they're known as fatty alcohols. Try to avoid isopropyl alcohol and alcohol denat.

One more thing, kind of a preemptive warning: you'll see people talk about avoiding proteins, but at this stage it's not something you should worry about. Proteins actually help repair damaged hair.

It takes some experimenting to find out what works best for you hair, but when you finally do it's fantastic.

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I think you literally just changed my life for the better curly haired sister from Philly. Fabulous!! Thank you for the info.
Love the curls, just not the crunch and fuzz.
type: 2a/3b

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