Do I need sulfates?

I just got my hair cut. The shape seems to be good; he did what I asked for, and he's a god with layers. However, he put this Kerastase garbage in it. I can't find the ingredients list online, but I know for sure there are d-cone and a-cone in my hair right now. The only shampoo I have at the moment is TJ's Refresh, which is non-sulfate. Will this get the crap out of my hair, or do I need to borrow my roommate's shampoo for a morning?

AND he jacked up his price (too obscene to note). I'm going Deva next time. I'm so peeved.
Location: North NJ or NYC
If those are the only cones that were put in your hair you shouldn't need sulfates. You'll probably be able to tell if there are worse cones if your hair starts being weird. The last time I got my hair done at a salon I used sulfates when I got home just in case.
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