Visiting a non CG salon

So I'm visiting a salon for the first time in almost 3 years. This will be the woman styling my hair for my wedding next month, and I need a cut anyway, so I'm going in for that as well as talk about my style for the wedding.

Anyway, my question is, I'm pretty sure their salon products will be sulfate and silicon laden. Of course I will request sulfate and silicon free prods, but if they don't have any would it be terrible of me to bring my own products for them to use?

Or should I have them jsut not wash/style my hair?
I'd take my own. My stylist told me that she welcomes it because it gives her a chance to see if she's missing out on something. If you're unsure of it, call her and ask her. All she can do is say no, right?
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I just got my hair cut at a place that uses Kerastase products, which are pretty gross in my hair. I just let them do their thing and washed it out when I got home. My hair is pretty forgiving.
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