Finally, a bit of progess! New pics :-)

Finally got a product that is alcohol-free and has those PVP thingys' that help your hair...

Here's some pictures... a tiny bit wavier... the newest pictures are towards the bottom with the sparkly top on!

Password: waves
Originally Posted by mysteryflavored
Thank you very much
Very nice. What gel did you end up getting?
Originally Posted by onegirlarmy
I got L'anza Zero Weight Styling Gel

Cost me a bit - but I really like how light it is and I was amazed as the hold, as it is so watery.

May I just say, I had a quick peak at your photo album and your hair is absolutely amazing! Are you a wavy or curly or part/part?
Thank you so much, what a sweet compliment! My bottom layers are 3a and the top are 2b.

I wish I felt the same about my hair as you do, it's frustrating me the last couple of days.

And if a product works for you the price doesn't hurt too bad Especially if you can get away with cheaper condishes.
pw - wavygurl

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