Is it possible... w/o styling product?

I think it really depends on your hairtype.
3b-3c CG
"I think it really depends on your hairtype." - JuicyTube

Yes, I'd have to agree with that one! For those of us with mixed-texture, irregular hair, believe, the right styling products can make a HUGE difference. Personally, my hair is nowhere near as good productless as with my trusty LA Looks gel(the bright turquoise one for curls). The only time I go productless is for exactly one day out of the month, the day before I color my hair, so there's no styling product residue of any sort(clarifying is key here, and the good conditioner). Let's put it this way - it's not a pretty sight(especially now, since I do need that trim I'm getting tomorrow afternoon)!
I think if one's hair is a consistent texture in the 3B-C range, one could likely go without products, but then again, maybe I'm wrong! Or maybe if one is consistently 2B-C(wavy).
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So I went productless yesterday, and I had shiny curls that didn't get messed up during my massage. Which let me tell you after a scalp masage that is unheard of The thing I didn't like was that the curl in the areas of my hair that are regressing into 2B was really non-existant. But I am going to try it agian today with different rinse out condish. I used TooShea yesterday, today i will use AOHR. I scruched in some NG Herbal condish and I will do the same today! Wish me luck!
I am growing out a pixie. I am a 2C who used to be 3A/B. I miss my curls....

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LI: Suave or VO5
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