Hair problem please help!

After being advised to use a protein treatment on my hair every day for 2 weeks my hair is now ruined.. it is breaking off, clumps of hair fall out if i even touch my hair.. so i immediately started using products with no protein in them and deep conditioning constantly with protein free products.. after a while hair is still really damaged and coming out.. did the deep conditioners just not work or is it possible ive now overconditioned? Any suggestions/recommendations?
protein free products for me
You may want to examine what was in the protein treatment that you were using. Some proteins do leave the hair stiff and brittle if not used in conjunction with moisturizing proteins and other moisturizers and softeners. You should not use a conditioner that has no proteins, because hair is protein (keratin, to be exact) and it needs protein nourishment. And it's pretty hard to overcondition curly hair, so don't worry about that.

I hope this helps.
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I'm sorry you had to deal with that. That's great that you corrected the problem as soon as you found out what it was.

Is your hair still coming out as much as it was? Mine comes out only in the shower because I don't brush my hair, so it looks like an awful lot. Was your hair very damaged to begin with? If so it may just need to grow out. But taking care of it in the mean time, as I'm sure you are now doing, is still important.
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Protein treatments every day for two weeks? I think that'd be overkill for just about anybody.

Have you clarified since you stopped using proteins? They've probably build up something fierce on your hair, and all that excess protein needs to go.
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I was using two protein treaments.. kpak deep penetrating reconstructor once in a while and redken extreme rescue force everyday.. I always used a deep conditioner afterwards. A friend of mine (who was the one that advised me to use a protein treatment everyday to help make my hair look thicker and have more volume also said that i should use a deep conditioner after each treatment every time)

Yes, my hair is still coming out as much as it was.. it seemed like it was starting to get better once i started deep conditioning but after a while of constantly deep conditioning im now worried i may have overconditioned it. And no, it wasnt damaged before i started using the treatments.. it was just really flat and thin and protein treatments were recommended for that.

And yes I have clarified since.... Thank you for all your responses! It really helps to get more info on this.
Thank you all so much for your input
protein free products for me
I have been trying to leave my hair alone the last couple days... went a while without washing it so the natural oils could come through.. everytime id try to put it back out of my face i would get handfuls of hair.. i really want to wash it today... what should i use? I'm thinking suave naturals lavender & lilac shampoo and conditioner maybe?
protein free products for me
oh no! i have no good advice, so this is really pointless, but i'm just really sorry and i hope your hair is better soon!
aw, thank you.. and thanks to everyone else too for your kind words and suggestions .. i'll keep you updated!
protein free products for me
After being advised to use a protein treatment on my hair every day for 2 weeks my hair is now ruined..
Originally Posted by ns
Why were you given the original advice? What were the daily proteint treatments supposed to correct?
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