newbie here-am I a good canidate for a deva cut?

Hi ladies! I've been reading here for the last week or so and have been trying some of the tips mentioned and have had some improvement with my hair. I'm just now committing to taking good care of my hair for the first time ever!!

I've been letting it grow for a long time and know it would benefit from a trim. I was thinking about a Deva cut where I live. There was an old post I came across here in which two posters liked the stylist and their cut. But I wanted some expert advice from you ladies first, as my hair isn't really curly, its usually more wavy, but hard to say. So here are some pics (you can scroll at the right and enlarge):

So, would a Deva cut be good for my hair?? The top layer tends to get straighter than the rest and just hangs right now I know I'd have a real meltdown if I got a cut that doesn't work for my hair as it takes forever to grow (but that's most likely because I used a flatiron constantly). tia and really glad to be here!
i love your hair. when i straighten mine, i ends up looking like that... which i LOVE! i don't know much about deva cuts, but i just wanted to say hi!
new york city

barack the vote!
thanks! Overall, I'm getting to like my hair natural rather than straightened, but I need to do what I can to help the top portions to curl about the same as underneath, and get more volume.

I'm going to buy some clips today and just got my jessicurl trial light sampler last night, so I'll be washing and (try to) detangle my hair. I don't think I can CO, I tried last week and was still oily at roots.
You might want to check out the 2 type board too.
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