Actual curls, not weird bendy things?

I have been so frustrated. I have hair that's sort of in between wavy and curly. I have some legitimate curls, but the majority of it is weird waves iguess. Its not straight at all, but it doesn't seem to have rotating spiral type curls. Rather, there is lots of waving and bending in odd shapes.

Now, I wash my hair at night, and sleep on it wet. I have tried and tried and just CANNOT have a good hair day if I wash it in the moring unless I want to dry it completely dry with a blowdryer, and then fix it, before I leave the house. Which is damaging, and takes forever, and BORES me.

So, the best I've been doing lately is to wash at night (Jessiculr HCC) condition with CO Bigelow (makes me curlier!). Then I scrunch into dripping wet hair some Aloeba mixed with CCSS (also makes me curlier!) and some Set Me Up gel on top of that. I scrunch with a microfiber towel and then lay my hair across my satin pillow case while I sleep.

I try not to move around too much, but I hate to have hair worries keeping me from sleeping. When I wake up in the morning, I have odd shaped waves. I generally have to touch up MOST of my curls with a curling iron. Which is sometimes difficult because my hair isn't always dry, even after a good nights sleep.

I actually don't even currently own a blowdryer, but I thought about maybe diffusing for just a little while before bed. I have found when I do take the time to diffuse my hair dry, it is more spirally. But I don't have the patince or time to diffuse my hair from soaking wet to dry each morning.

any suggestions?
My hair is also curlier when I diffuse, even if I don't diffuse all the way dry. I usually scrunch and plop with a microfiber towel so that I don't start with soaking wet hair. Then I diffuse for about 10-15 minutes. That seems to be long enough to get rid of the wet look (although it is still damp) and to "set" the curls so that they stay all day.

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