Aww! The Nicest stylist!

This is the reason why is stay curly!

I was searching for some stylists that know curls to get my ends trimmed so I can grow out, and I found a picture of a cute short lady that looked to be mixed between african american and caucasion. Her hair was surprisingly a lot straighter for a mixed lady but she was smiling and claimed she knew curls.

Anyway, I showed up and when I walked in she just fell all over me! I got compliments from her left and right!

"Darling, what do you do to your hair!"
"Do you deep condition?"
"Do you flip?"
"Have you ever tried a pin-up? Your curls would look lovely like that!"
"Gosh I love the extra spiraly ones at the sides!"
"Try a Shea butter mix and lemon. Oh, you should try a carrot oil cleanse and then try a partless look."

She wouldn't stop talking about my hair! It was so cute. And when she has cut off about 12 centimeters on the sides and maybe 4 on the back it looked like the cutest little bob ever. She even carefully tinfoiled my hair and cold air dryed the middle back. She wouldn't let me leave before my hair was totally dry and rockin'.

She gave a bunch of new styles to try and even gave me her number. She said come back next week so she can loose curl my hair and then do loose twisties. She was so nice and she just loved my 3b curls!

I love those kinds of stylists. She was so cute I had to give her extra. Even when she hit snags she would just say "I love working out the knots on curlies. It's a new way to tighten the curls."

She was super friendly.
Too curly for you!

I'm a 3a/3b
Dark dark dark dark black hair
Just below shoulders and growing it out!!

I am happy for you! What a nice lady.
3b-3c CG
Pics pics pics...

gotta get some of those up. hmm.

Camera phone work?

Thats all I got! I would love to show you what she did.

I'll figure it out.
Too curly for you!

I'm a 3a/3b
Dark dark dark dark black hair
Just below shoulders and growing it out!!

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