Curly hair, but want a bob haircut...

Is there such a style without me looking like I have a pryamind on my head? Is there a place to look online to see such styles? Thanks!
Is there such a style without me looking like I have a pryamind on my head? Is there a place to look online to see such styles? Thanks!
Originally Posted by edie3
I have my hair cut in a bob ... It is certainly possible, but you need a good cut. I am really happy with my hair now, but when I first got it cut it was a disaster. The person who initiallly cut it, cut my hair as thought it was straight. She didn't allow for any shrinkage, and even without the shrinkage, cut it shorter than what I wanted. I ended up looking like a mushroom.

I have since found an awesome hair stylist (thanks to find a salon) and am really pleased with it. My stylist cuts it dry. When I am starting to look like a pyramid, she cuts a few curls. It makes a huge difference. I keep the length I want and it is literally a few cuts. It takes her about 5 minutes and I feel like I have a whole new style.

I never had a lot of luck finding pictures on websites, so I can't help you there.
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I just decided to put my hair in the capable hands of a great stylist who had a vision for my hair. He did a great job, and it's a bob like what you're looking for. It's fun, and I cut a half hour from my daily routine. For some reason I can't get the image up, it's in my Fotki.

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if i was going to get a bob i would get a layered bob, to prevent pyramid head.
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3Aer...Botticelli Curls

I found this picture on here under the members' kind of looks like it is one and I am DYING to find this LEANNE girl to talk to!!!!

botticellicurlygirl, what pretty hair you have! Thanks, everyone, for you help.
I have an angled bob (longer in the front, shorter in the back). Here is what it looks like on the side
My cut

I am currently growing it out some. It is still an angled bob, just longer than the picture
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Rednaturalcurls, I love your cut. (not to mention your beautiful natural red color) That looks great.
Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls
i think angled (or inverted) bobs look great with curly hair. this is the style i always go back to, and wore for a long time before i started to grow my hair out.

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