Need a stylist - not Deva or Ouidad in NYC, please help!!

Hi, I live in NYC and need a good stylist, any recommendations? Thanks so much.
If price isn't an issue, Herve at NAO salon on 58th and Madison is very good. I think he specializes in shorter cuts and layers. But he charges A LOT.
Location: North NJ or NYC
Thanks, like how much? $100? I just need a really good cut. Hair is below my shoulders.
Thanks, like how much? $100? I just need a really good cut. Hair is below my shoulders.
Originally Posted by lildiss73
It was actually closer to $200. I personally refuse to let my mom take me there again because I feel terrible about spending so much money on a haircut. But I really love the cut he gave me; I'm documenting exactly how it looks so I can have another stylist try to recreate it when I need it cut again in the future.
Location: North NJ or NYC
yeah, $200 is a little high...I'll wait to see if anyone has any other recommendations. thanks again!
Lois Stoeffhaas 914.625.9665 who works out of the Belaza Salon. I have used her, as has another curly on the board and her straight-haire daughter. My roommate (also with straight hair) has an appt with her next week. She is affordable (around $90 with tip) and centrally located in Manhattan (right on 8th Ave across from Penn Station). I have a review on somewhere. You can definitely search for it.
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