friend in curly denial

i have a friend who would have such gorgeous natural curls, but no matter how much anyone tries to convince her, she refuses to wear them down. instead, she wakes up every morning at 4:30 to straighten it. she really needs an intervention, and i want to convert her to cg, but how do i do it without offending her or turning her of at the first mention of no brushing or shampooing?
I hate to say it but it's not like she's using crack or alcohol. I would just buy her a copy of curly girl and tell her it has good info if she changes her mind and that you'd be willing to help her figure it out.
It's her hair, she has to live with it, do the routine every day, whatever it is. It's really her call. You can't change people.
I would leave it, she enjoys straightening her hair. I think unless she approaches you and says something along the lines of wishing her hair could look like yours or asks you for help, there isn't much you can do, and I learned with my brother's partner, some people will ask you for help then still do what they want anyway.
You can't convince people to do what you feel they should.
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As hard as it is not to talk to her about it, it's her hair. If she wants to fry it, that's her choice. When I was straightening my hair, there was NOBODY who could convince me to wear it naturally. I had to realize that my straightening routine was a chore on my own.

However,if she does come to you for advice because she is frustrated with her hair, then that would be the time to help her and introduce her to this site. But she has to come to the decision on her own.
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well, yesterday i asked the xray gal in my dentists office if she had curly hair. she was amazed that i could tell. i told her i was a hair psychic she was a young woman who liked my hair a lot but did not think her hair would look good curly so she blow fries and irons it. i told her about this site and curly girl--sent her some info on email. i'll be seeing her again in a couple of weeks/ told her to try washing w co and leaving in some, no brushing just scrunching on a low investment day when she does not care what she looks like and see what happens. she was very receptive. i guess if you sort of ease into it and see their responses as you go--you could sympathize w her and tell her how stressful it must be for her to do that every day, see if she has ever tried leaving it natural, what she does on her days off--if she would ever consider trying something different on a daywhen she is not going anywhere, etc....if she gets prickly just back off. she sees your gorgeous curls and knows she can ask you about them.
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well, yesterday i asked the xray gal in my dentists office if she had curly hair. she was amazed that i could tell. i told her i was a hair psychic
Originally Posted by banjocurl
Oh man... I'm a hair psychic too... and I even try to guess what type they would be if it was curly!

I see soooooo many women like this - and I have realized that *most* people in this world are wavy/curly!
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