Oprah's "Great American Haircut" 2

The woman with red hair looks like she is wearing a wig and the colour looks too birght. I think Cheryl's hair looked ok in the before picture and with just a few adjustments it could have been great! Datrice's hair http://www2.oprah.com/beauty/hair/sl...rcut_031.jhtml looks beautiful afterwards though! And she has 4 type hair I believe. Everyone assumes curls are unruly & messy.
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rmiro13 and others, I totally agree with you. Of course she didn't look as good in the first pic because she isn't wearing makeup and she isn't smiling. Whenever I see a makeover, the subject always seems to be frowning or unhappy in the before picture. Like A12curly said, if they would have made her up, given her a haircut and maybe a little darker haircolor but KEPT HER CURLS, she would have looked every bit as good as the current after picture, and probably better. Shame on Oprah for perpetuating the same old stereotype that straight hair is better than curly!
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Ok, this one example (the lady with the straight red hair), may not be the best, but I scrolled the a bunch of those makeovers, and a lot of those people really do look better in the after pics. Especially the ones with the super-long, one-length hair. That style doesn't look great on most people. I would also point out that several people were left wavy or curly, and a few went from straight to wavy. I think they tried (not always successfully), to make some kind of improvement.
What bothered me the most is:

Most of the wavies and curlies were given unrealistic styles. I don't mind if a curly or wavy likes to straighten their hair, but they should at least been given a cut that looks good naturally curly or straightened. I can say right away that a lot of these curlies are going to be quite frustrated when they can't recreate the look at home because their hair will not straighten or will end up being puffy since a lot of these styles were really designed for naturally straight hair.
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Well, I guess when you consider that Oprah isn't exactly a champion of "natural" when it comes to her own hair, it makes sense that she wouldn't find anything these stylists did objectionable! (Don't get me wrong -- I absolutely covet Oprah's hair most days. But she's got a swarm of people dedicated to it, so why not?)

Cultivating what we're naturally blessed with seems like a foreign idea to most "beauty experts." The opposite of what you've got is always considered better and that's just such a shame, you know?

Why does "makeover" have to mean "complete alteration?" Can't it mean "enhancement"?
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Well if I was going to get a blowout from a celebrity stylist I would at least expect it to look shiny and natural. That looks like it was done at Supercuts.
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