View Poll Results: What do you use?
cotton terry towel 6 16.22%
microfiber towel 9 24.32%
cotton t-shirt 6 16.22%
paper towels 0 0%
an electric appliance 4 10.81%
100% air dry 10 27.03%
something else 2 5.41%
Voters: 37. You may not vote on this poll

What do you use to dry your hair?

I use the microfiber towel and air dry during warmer weather. When it's cold, I still use the microfiber towel but sit under a hood hair dryer for about 15 minutes. If I'm traveling for work, I use the hot sock diffuser.
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I didn't really feel like I could vote because I use either a terry towel or a t-shirt, and then I air-dry or diffuse. That covers four of the choices, and I just can't pick between them!
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I have a couple of towels that are bigger than hand towels but not bath-towel size. One is very fluffy and the other two thin and worn-out. It doesn't matter as far as frizz goes which one I use; my frizz is a result of diffusing, so I try to airdry whenever possible.
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