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Hi all, last night I bought some TJ's Nourish at the New Trader Joe's store that's about 8 miles from me. I wanted to know what you thought of this stuff. My hus was like.."What's that!?" I said "Shampoo and Conditioner" He said "We already have some in the bathroom" What he fails to realize is that they have cones and sulfates(Suave and Aussie)-plus he has stick straight hair and would never understand anyway! So I thought I would try this since I was there and did hear a couple people say they used it-can't remember what they said about it though! Anyhoo, thanx!
i can't say anything for the condish because i've never tried it, but i really like the shampoo! i have been only using it once a week (cowashing in between the washes) and its great for clarifying while being really gentle at the same time.

i don't care for the smell, however!
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I use the conditioner and love it. Although I keep experimenting with other conditioners, I always seem to come back to that one.
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Thanks for your input!
The conditioner is amazing.
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I love TJ Nourish. Enjoy : )
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