Thinning a conditioner

Has anyone tried watering down a leave-in?

Does it help take the weight off the product so it doesn't drag down the hair?

I really like what Oyin Honey Hemp did to my hair & it's thinner than my ABBA Nourishing.

I know the ingredients are different, but maybe what my hair needs more right now is a thinner leave-in.

It seems to love thin leave-in conditioners anyhow.

So if I try this, what ratio of distilled water to conditioner is recommended?
I found a Homemade Spritz recipe on MotownGirl. I'll just substitute honey for the oil & I'm going to halve the recipe & not put it in a sprayer.
I've never actually watered down my leave-in, but what I do since I get weighted down so easily, is when I put a leave-in on, I rinse upside down for a few seconds. I feel like it distributes through my hair more, plus waters it down some. Works for me. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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