Cruelty-free companies?

What are some cruelty-free companies that have good products for wavy/curly hair? I've tried several "natural" products (the ones that are the most likely to be cruelty-free) and I haven't really liked any of them. My hair does fine on "mainstream" products, but sometimes it's hard to find mainstream companies who are also cruelty-free.

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Have you tried Aussie, or Trader Joe brands? Also some on here speak of Aubrey Organics(especially the Honeysuckle rose conditioner)-haven't tried it though.
Jessicurl is not tested on animals. I love her Hair Cleansing Cream and Gentle Lather Shampoo. I also like her Too Shea! conditioner. Lots of folks like her confident coils and rockin' ringlets for stylers. You could order the trial pack and see if her products work for your hair. They also come in two fragrances or you can choose to get fragrance-free. All are available through Curl Mart. HTH!!

And welcome, Shimmering! (love your name, btw!)
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You may want to check out this thread

It is a discuss about cruelty free companies and also companies with products that are vegan (no animal ingredients used)

good luck.
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