How do y'all use Miss Jessie's?

I was browsing curl mart (in the event there's some sort of special for December...hint hint) and was wondering who uses miss Jessie's an how? I'm not sure it would be for me. I'm a 3A/3B and finally getting enough length to weigh down the curls. Does anyone with that type use it, and if so, how do you use it? I don't know the first thing about it. Kinda afraid since I think it's geared toward ethnic hair, and mine is just plain curly.
Hair type 3A. Jessicurl is becoming my HG!

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I really liked Miss Jessie's products before the company became non-CG friendly due to their product reformulation. I don't like her prices!

When I must have a perfect hair day, this is what I grab. I've had the same jar for quite a while. I got it off the Swap Board. I leave in most the conditioner and apply Curly Pudding the same way I apply gel. I rake it and leave it alone. Once I shingled, and it was too heavy for my hair. Warning: this can be very heavy for your hair. It was pretty heavy for 3b/c!
I wouldn't use the new Curly Pudding now. It's not CG friendly.

However from what I understand, Curly Meringue is not as heavy as Curly Pudding. I just ordered the 16 oz. size because it's the old formula which is CG friendly. Maybe Curly Meringue would work for your 3a/b hair. I also like the sale price which comes out to under $20 dollars for each jar at Curlmart!
I can live with that price!
3b/c CG routine
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