Is Ojon not working for me? and other concerns

I never really was able to define my hair texture with certainty. It's not coarse, and it's not fine; it's not thin, and it isn't unbelievably thick. So maybe I have very middle-of-the-road hair.

That said, my hair normally responds very well to oils and moisture. My favorite conditioners (AOHR and Oyin HH) are packed with oils, and I've never experienced them weighing my hair down. I also have good luck with oily stylers, such as leaving in the Oyin or SheaM, and styling with Confident Coils. But for some reason, I've had odd results with Ojon Restorative Treatment.

I've DT'd with it maybe three or four times. The first two times, I used it weekly with really nice results. Hair was softer, shinier, etc. The third time, I had some limp, stretched-out hair, so I decided to lay off the intense moisture for a while. But with the cold weather settling in, and all the wind that I get, my hair has been feeling really dry lately. So just last night, at least a month since my last DT, I slept with some Ojon in my hair. Today, after cleansing with Jessicurl HCC and conditioning with Oyin (the lightest conditioner I own), I've got stringy waves sitting on top of my (always, without fail) fat 3b coils at the nape of my neck.

So I'm wondering if I should get rid of this stuff.
I'm also wondering if I'm not actually protein-sensitive (or, alternatively, exclusively sensitive to Elucence proteins), and that my hair needs a protein boost. I'm having major problems lately with clumping and curl formation, resulting in lots of headband days. It's been over a month since last put anything but silk protein into my hair. Luckily, my short, stringy hair looks good in a headband.

Does anybody have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions? Sorry for the novel, haha.
Location: North NJ or NYC
I'd describe my hair as really middle of the road and have to use a low-poo after my weekly Ojon DT.
2b/3a-ish at times
PW hair

Currently using
Jessicurl HCC
AG Liquid Effects
I also have to poo when I do DTs. I also get stringy, limp hair if I use Jessicurl products on a regular basis. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
Fine, Thick, Normal Porosity, Normal Elasticity

Countess Balashi of Divi Beach in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

If I'm Going To Have A Bad Hair Day, It Might As Well Be In Aruba!

I also need to low-poo with Ojon!
In DESPERATE need of a haircut.

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