Wind & snow did not ruin my hair day today???

I am not at all sure how this is POSSIBLE, but it has happened.

On the reco of some members here, I have been testing out letting my hair *gasp* air dry, even as the temp has plummeted below 35 degrees. I thought for sure I'd get sick b/c this normally does a number on me... but today my secret was this:


The wind (and snow) blew me & my hair all over the place and when i got to work I was sure that my hair was in a million peices, done for and needed to go into a ponytail... it was suuuuuuper crunchy of course with KCCC (but i think that is exactly what saved it!!) it was not as clumpy as when i left, of course, but by midday it has mostly crunched out and i did have to put it into half up/half down hair, but i am so impressed that it was NOT ruined!!!

BTW, I have been using ear bands, or preferably these around the neck muffs, b/c they dont mess up my hair like a hat would - but as long as my ears are covered & i wear a scarf, I'm not getting sick. I think maybe 20-25 degrees will be my new cut-off for wearing a hat
3b, and increasingly c pieces... my curls will always be a little confused, but that is just fine!
PW: naturallycurly

I'm kicking myself again for not getting KKCC. :doh: Next time I'm getting that stuff! Glad that you had a good hair day and your plan to air dry and beat the cold sounds good!
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.
it's definitely worth a try... I hated it at first...
but then i learned you can't mix it with oils b/c it makes it a mess... you also have to apply to basically sopping wet hair.

and you can scrunch out the super crunchiness - leaves me pretty soft, shiny and moisturized-feeling. works best on a clarifying day i think

i would try swap board for used or samples - or go to the KC website and see if there are any retail locations near you! (i found out they had it in miami and i was headed there for a biz trip and it worked out great!) and i would pop for getting the KT as well - its amazing
3b, and increasingly c pieces... my curls will always be a little confused, but that is just fine!
PW: naturallycurly

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