I just recently experimented with a mousse rec I came across on the site and I love it! It said in that thread that it's the same consistency as joiwhip but it's super cheap and you can find it at the drugstore. $2.29! It's called Condition 3-in-1 Maximum Hold Mousse. CG friendly, natch.
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I looked this mousse up and found that it contains Dimethicone Copolymer. Is it still CG friendly? I'm so excited to use something with better hold!
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Did you mean Dimethicone copolyol? That's the water soluble one.
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Why yes, yes, I am! Who knew a typo could be the difference between water soluble and not water soluable. Eeek! Thank you! Much appreciated.

PS I never knew there were water soluable cones. This makes my day!

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