Umm, did I SAY you could touch my hair?

OK, so I was having pretty much the best hair day of my entire life today. I'm talking zero frizz, no triangle head, huge clumps, etc...I NEVER have hair like that (I finally mastered my routine last night...clipping is KEY for me!) Anyway, I was at school today, just sitting in a chair minding my own business. Then all of a sudden, this girl that I don't even know came up behind me and thrust her hands into my hair and visciously scrunched it. I didn't even have time to react! I asked her to stop, but she just told me she wanted to touch my curls and she started RAKING her fingers through my curls! I literally had to push her away. By the end of it all, my perfectly defined curls ended up being a big fluffy frizzball with no more shape whatsoever. I was SO mad! I had planned on taking PICTURES of my hair, it looked so good this morning, and now its all ruined and I'll probaby never get it that way again. Sorry to rant, I just get so FRUSTRATED when people start touching my hair! Where did they get the idea that they have the right to do it? ARGH. How do all of you deal with this? I don't know how to ask people to stop without seeming rude or paranoid.
Originally Posted by southernbelle08
Ugh, I hate that people always feel the need to touch my hair too.

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I've got a friend who touches everything, including my hair, my food, my computer... and I'm seriously about to snap.
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Curly hair and pregnant bellies.. people think there's an open invitation to touch.
hmmm, as annoying as it is, i like it when people touch my curls, its a nice ice breaker when talkin to the laydees! hehehe

PLus, most of time, if the laydee has curls also, she will ask!
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Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
Very cute. those big juicy curls haa... i love em :P
Originally Posted by curls_r_great
ugh, i had something similar happen to me too. i was in the library doing some work on the computer, and this girl i knew in high school came up behind me and started playing with my hair, which had, up until that point, been styled really nicely.

next time someone touches without asking, i'm just gonna put my hands in their hair next to their head and run them back and forth and get THEM all knotted and tangled (straight hair knots are worse in curly knots in my opinion), and then say, "there, now we're even!"
It is worse when the people who want to touch your hair are younger. I am a teacher and the kids are always trying to touch my hair. How do you tell a fragile, emotional, 15 year-old that touching hair is rude? I have one child that comes up to "boink" my hair; she pulls out a curl as far as it will stretch and lets go. By the end of the day, I am nothing but a mass of frizz. On the brighter side, no one wants to touch frizzy curls!
Originally Posted by funnybean14
I've been boinked a lot before. Somehow, people think it's perfectly okay to grab somebody's hair, pull it, and watch in awe as it bounces back. Yes, I have curls. Get over it.
I just love it when someone grabs a curl, pulls it out and says "boooiiiinnnggg" as they let go? note the sarcasm LOL
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This happens to me all the time. I'm a guy, and I think girls feel even more in the right when touching a guy's hair. They don't realize that I end up with a frizzy afro after they take their hands out.

And the worst of it is that everyone thinks I'm a priss for not liking it. Or too into myself. F them. Sometimes I just don't like walking around with a big frizzy white boy afro. Especially at work...

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